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"Chris is one of the best in the business. Great shop, easy going and will always make u feel welcome. What ever you want done Chris can make it happen. I have two done by Chris and I will be back for more."
Colleen Chatman,
"So earlier this last week I decided to give up hope of ever getting the cover up I so desperately wanted for a poorly chosen and very visible tattoo. (Go 18 year old brain). Between multiple distant appointment times, flat out refusals, and uncertainty on my part I was just done. On Tuesday I discovered Chris at PAS Tattoos by divine intervention. I took a chance and went down to the shop and talk to him with skepticism. What changed my mind was how comfortable the shop felt and the fact he didn't even flinch when I told him what I wanted. He looked me straight in the eye and said "I can fix this, I promise, and it will be beautiful." He kept his word. He was able to get me in quickly and I truly felt different about this appointment. I am not speaking ill of any other tattoo artist I know, and I know many, many, talented ones. However one has just gained a loyal client, I have a big mouth and he made me a very happy girl. If you are in the Cincinnati area, I highly encourage you to check him out!"
J.L. Brooks,
Once again, Chris did another tattoo for me and I love it! Anyone who goes anywhere else to get work done, needs their brain checked!
Ryan Walriven,
BEST TATTOO ARTIST! This is a top notch tattoo shop! Very professional. I called, Chris got me in right away! (I had been blown off by Read em & Weep, even though I had an appointment!) Cant wait for another tattoo! Five stars!
Linda Y,
Best place to get some work done. Chris does some awesome work. I will not go to any other artists besides him.
Kyle Johnston,
"Chris has done numerous tattoos for me. I would NEVER go to any other shop. The tattoo shop is extremely clean, has a very laid back atmosphere, has a TV you can watch if you are waiting around, and Chris is one of the coolest dudes I have ever met in my life. If you are thinking about getting a tattoo or looking for a good shop to get one, you never need to look further than PAS Tattoos. Go there once and you will be a repeat customer. I guarantee it...."
Ryan Walriven,
Chris is a wonderful artist he has done three cover ups for me in the past week and I am beside myself on how awesome they are! He was the first actual tattoo shop I went to. The first cover up I was just hoping it would look better but Chris made it a wonderful work of art! So I have found my artist, by far worth more than every penny! Will be back for any and all work I have done!
Thanks Chris

Michael Kersker ,
"Chris is amazing! I've ways loved tattoos but never found the perfect artist. Chris is the perfect artist great at what he does and friendly....I love every tattoo I've received from Him."
corina ramsey,
"Chris is a awesome artist and person all in all I love his work and for me to let someone tattoo what they want shows I have alot of faith and trust in that person and that doesnt come easy for me but Chris has that from me and could tattoo whatever he wants whereever he wants cause imo he is just that damn good. MUCH LOVE."
Bobby Gilbert,
"Chris at pas tattoos is the fucking best tattoo artist ever his shop is laid back and not overwhelming unlike other shops and I would recommend anyone wanting a tattoo that will be more than what you ever could expect to stop in and see him. And also if someone has fucked up a tattoo on you he can fix it also."
Mark Taylor,
"I love my new tattoos! I have definitely found my new artist! Thank you so much Chris."
Michele Reitz,
"Chis is one of the best artists that I have ever met and he has made me love my new tattoos more than I ever had expected to! I was expecting them to kind of turn out like my others that I love but I wish were better, my two that chis has now done are by far the best that I have seen! I love chis and reno and am so glad to tell people that I come to PAS to get my tattoos and that my artist is fantastic and is just a total sweet heart! thank you so much for my new tattoos chris! I can't wait to have you do more! <3"
Sammi Davis,
"I went an got a punisher skull with a bow today an it looks awesome!!! Chris definitely has a talent! He takes his time an pays attention to detail. Having the tattoo done didn't hurt he has a steady hand! I will for sure being coming back for more tattoos by Chris! :-)"
I love Chris' tattoos. he has done at least 2 for me and 3 for my boyfriend. every time he does one it amazes me how great they turn out. we will in Alabama and Chris is the only person we will let tattoo us.